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  • A bottle of The King of Scots.
  • The Crowning Glory

    King of Scots

    Hand-selected and expertly blended to create an exceptionally rich and sweet dram fit for a King.

    Premium Blended Scotch Whisky

    Douglas Laing’s history with King of Scots dates back as far as 1948, as one of the first Scotches to be sold by Fred Douglas Laing. Selecting only the finest Single Grain Scotch Whiskies to marry alongside a higher-than-normal proportion of the finest aged Malt Whiskies, the liquid gold held within is utterly resplendent.

All About

King of Scots

  • Dram of a Dynasty

    The Recipe of a Century

    Established in 1886, King of Scots has passed the lips of many a Whisky lover for over a century. The original recipe dating back to the Victorian era, remains largely unchanged and is fiercely guarded by members of the family.

  • Tasting Notes

    Best enjoyed neat, over ice or alongside a quality mixer.

    Nose Honey, ginger and spice followed by fresh citrus with just a hint of liquorice
    Palate Sweetness of ripe fruit and luscious toffee, complemented by clean vanilla
    Finish Beautifully balanced, now with lighter vanilla but more sweet spices

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