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  • Dramatically Different

    Double Barrel

    A phenomenal fusion of two expertly selected Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from two very different distilleries.

    Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

    Double Barrel is a marriage of two very different Single Malts, skilfully selected and carefully combined to create a beautiful balance of very different flavours. Every sip brings you a thrilling combination of polar opposites: sweetness and smoke, honey and heat, citrus and spice.

All About

Double Barrel

  • Discover Duality

    Don’t just pour a dram. Pour a drama.

    It couldn’t come from anywhere but Scotland, a land of incredible contrasts: of stunning scenery and wild weather, tranquil beauty and elemental power, ancient wisdom and new knowledge.

    Double Barrel embraces that duality. It combines two sensational Single Malts from two distinctly different distilleries to deliver one extraordinary experience: intriguing and intense, precise and powerful, exciting and unique.

    Alone they’re outstanding. Together they’re extraordinary.

  • Knowledge is Power

    Nobody else can do what we do.

    The magic of Double Barrel didn’t happen overnight. It took decades. Seven decades, to be precise.

    That’s how long Douglas Laing has been blending and bottling Whiskies from Scotland’s greatest distilleries. Over those decades our family has developed an unparalleled understanding of the very finest Whiskies Scotland can offer – and of the characteristics that make a select few Single Malts the perfect match.

  • It Takes Two

    One Phenomenal Fusion.

    Double Barrel’s duality extends to the selection of Single Malts it so skilfully combines. There’s not one but two exceptional core expressions: Speyside & Lowland, and Islay & Highland. The former serves up citrus zest, soft spices and honeyed warmth; the latter a subtle, smoky sweetness.

    From time to time, in strictly limited editions, Double Barrel also enables you to discover even more unusual and exciting pairings. Pairings such as Bowmore & Craigellachie 10 Years Old, which moves elegantly from gentle maritime saltiness through smoke and sugars before ending on a long, balanced finish with peat kiln-dried barley, vanilla and lemon icing.

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