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A close up image of a barrel.
  • A bottle of 10 year old Premier Barrel.
  • Romantically Rhythmic

    Premier Barrel

    Premier Barrel’s distinctively different and charmingly characterful ceramic decanter carries Single Cask Single Malts from throughout Scotland.

    As we like to say - Premier Barrel is the epicurean, efficacious, evocative and elegant epitome of the finest and frankly foremost Single Cask Single Malts, prodigiously provisioned to purveyors of probity for an absolute appreciation in abundance.

All About

Premier Barrel


    Presented in a Delightful Decanter

    Pleasingly presented with panache in a ceramic decanter to avidly astute aficionados, each carefully-crafted creation carries a romantically rhythmic, deliciously descriptive ditty that is alight with alliterative appeal.


    Hand poured, perfectly presented.

    The Single Cask Single Malts within our Premier Barrel range are steadfastly hand-filled, always at a feisty strength of 46%, and presented to you without colouring or chill-filtration. The Douglas Laing family steadfastly swears that this ethos is essential for a palate that is perfect.

  • Regional Colour Differentiation

    Recall the Regions

    Spot a subtle signal about your Scotch’s source! Indigo indicates an idiosyncratically intense Islay Malt; purple portrays a hyperbolically hearty Highland Malt and red represents a scintillatingly silky Speyside Malt.

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