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  • A bottle of 21 year old Old Particular.
  • Particularly Honest

    Old Particular

    Our Old Particular Single Casks are a particularly sought-after range of individually-selected Single Malt and Single Grain Scotch Whiskies from all over Scotland.

    Old Particular is a particularly unique series of individually hand-selected, aged Single Cask Single Malts and Single Grains from all over Scotland. Each is bottled exactly the way the Distiller intended: without colouring or chill-filtration, and at high alcohol strength. This combination allows the cask to retain the naturally present oils, fats and enzymes in the spirit that enhance the quality of the nose, the mouthfeel and flavour profile of the Whisky. Keeping the spirit “as natural as it gets” allows you to experience the Whisky straight from the cask, transporting you to a dark, damp Distillery warehouse with every sip.

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Old Particular

  • Characterful Single Malts

    Drawn from a Single Cask

    Matured to perfection, these particular Single Malts are noted for their exceptional flavour. Charged from a Single Cask, there's no more honest expression than Old Particular. We add nothing and take nothing away, allowing the esters that we believe give Whisky so much of its character to take centre stage and deliver an experience as close to sipping a dram straight out of the cask as possible. 

  • Golden Single Grains

    Brimming with Sweetness

    Beautifully aged Single Grain Scotch Whiskies are bursting with huge character, depth and natural sweetness – anticipate an indulgent maple syrup quality, alongside vanilla toffee, freshly baked oat biscuits and crunched Demerara sugar. Discover a new dimension of Scotch Whisky with some hidden gems from our Single Cask Single Grain selection.

  • Regional Colour Differentiation

    Spot the Scotch Whisky Region

    The environment in which a Whisky is distilled and matured can have a significant impact on the character of the final spirit. Spot the Scotch Whisky region on each bottle, represented by a regional colour to illustrate the characteristics. The grassy, light Lowlands are represented by green; the heathered Highlands by a purple profile. Fiery red represents the rich (and often Sherried) Speyside, while the maritime marvel of Islay is depicted as a sea blue. The sandy bays of Campbeltown are appropriately reflected as neutral tones and sweet Single Grains are jet black.

  • The Elements Series

    Fire, Air, Earth and Water

    Throughout 2019, a series of 4 Old Particular limited edition bottlings will be available, inspired by the Elements – Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Each one bottled at Natural Cask Strength and paying tribute to the natural elements that contribute so significantly to the production of Scotch Whisky. From oak trees to charred casks, peat and of course water, this specialist Single Cask Collection celebrates the role of the Elements in the Whisky-making cycle.

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  • A bottle of Xtra Old Particular.
  • "Xtra Old and Rare"

    Xtra Old Particular

    Our Xtra Old Particular range carries only aged and rare Single Cask Scotch Whiskies from some of Scotland’s most acclaimed and celebrated Distilleries, including those that are long-closed. Eeach one a marvel in its own right, XOP is bottled at Natural Cask Strength, exceptionally old and truly spectacular.

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