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Over 70 years of experience in the art of cask selection and blending means you can expect nothing less than great character and charm within a Douglas Laing dram. Whether it’s a Single Malt, Single Grain or Blended Whisky, you can be assured of its exceptional depth.

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Remarkable Regional Malts

The Ultimate Distillation of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Regions. Begin your journey of discovery and explore our award-winning range of Blended Malts.

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Exceptional Single Casks

Come close to the pleasure of sampling a dram straight from the cask. Packed with extraordinary flavour, choose from our family of four Exceptional Single Cask Whiskies.

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Specialist Whiskies

Choose from our perfectly balanced and carefully curated specialist Whiskies – each one is bursting with flavour and finesse.

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Our Whisky

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